In The Quiet of The Night

One of my challenges in being the mother of my young children, is that one little one always seems to be up during the night. It could be just one of them, or all three at different times; the toddler falls out of bed, an older one has a bad dream, another has to go potty, but I can’t remember the last time I slept the whole entire night. One particular night a couple weeks ago, I had been up consoling a child after a bad dream. She had quieted down and fallen back asleep and I tucked myself back into my bed as well. My sleep is precious. It was silent. And I could NOT fall back asleep. As I lay motionless in bed, praying that my eyes would drift shut before the fast approaching dawn, I heard a sound I’ve never heard from our yard before. And owl was calling somewhere nearby and it was beautiful. There was not a sound in the house, not a breath of wind outside, just the call of the owl, some quiet and then the calling again. Eventually I drifted off to sleep again and I’ve not heard the owl since. It was a middle of the night delight on that September night!

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