A Walk on the Windy Side

Here in Montana, we have no shortage of wind.  In this photo my daughter is sitting on the shoulders of my brother.  Looking at my brother’s face, you’ d never know it was a windy day…it’s my daughter’s wispy golden hair blown back across her face that tells that story.

Click on the link below to view other portraits that convey wind.

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8 Responses to A Walk on the Windy Side

  1. Simple Girl says:

    Guys never have bad hair days, do they? What a beautiful girl!

  2. This picture is very, very sweet. How endearing : ) I love that you were able to capture this moment. I can tell that her uncle will always be special to her!

  3. The hair on her face says it all! Great photo!

  4. This photo seems to tell such a sweet story of a happy moment with a visiting uncle and an outdoor walk on a very windy day! It is beautifully processed in black/white! The light is just right!

  5. Sojourners Photography says:

    Surrounded by so much natural beauty, too! Sweet shot

  6. angie ray says:

    Oh, how sweet! Love the windyness! 😉

  7. Deborah says:

    Such a sweet photo! Nicely done … and, I’ve dreamed three times that we moved to Montana! Haven’t yet, but would sure love to someday! I love the wholesome beauty of the country! 🙂

  8. Sara says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful comments! This was such a fun theme!

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