Snow Birds

One set of Grandparents head south to Arizona for the winter…  They [my parents] spend the summers in the Black Hills of South Dakota in their RV and then in a small home in Arizona for a longer time over the winter months.  Try explaing that to a toddler each autumn…  They spent this past week with us [and it was a great week] and my son is sure that they are headed back to their RV.   It will be a loooong time before we see them again, but he can’t quite comprehend that one.

He knows where his other set of grandparents live, a permanent year-round home in Kansas City, MO.  That is a real tangible place that makes sense because it’s just like our life. Hopefully, they will be visiting us soon too – he is at the age where he is starting to miss them and has been asking about them.  It’s sweet, but a little bitter-sweet, as he understand who is important in his life, but doesn’t understand the geographical constraints. 

Thankfully, we do get in lots of visits with the extended family of grandparents and the aunts/uncles/cousins, spaced throughout the year .  Given all the distance in between families, we are so thankful that sharing family time has been so important to our family members!   It is such a joy to watch our children develop those bonds and benefit from their love too.

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